L Shape Pitot Tubes

L-Shape Pitot Tube

Telelin, since 1979 specializes in manufacturing of L Shape Pitot Tubes for measuring clean Air / Gas, Velocity / Flow in Ducts or Pipe Lines. They are manufactured as per BS / ASTM Standard / As per your given drawing or design. Standard Lengths are given below. However, lengths as required by you are also made and supplied. Standard pipe OD is 3/8" i.e. 9.5 mm. Higher OD pipe tubes are also possible. In 3/8" OD pipe impact pressure hole is 2 mm and 8 nos. static pressure holes are of 1.2 mm dia. Standard material of construction 304 SS Seamless pipes and 304 SS all fittings. However, 316 SS, Brass or any other MOC tubes are possible and can be made and supplied.

304 SS material and 316 SS material, tubes are considered suitable for operating temperature up to 600 C

For higher temperature up to 1200 C, Special alloy pipe tubes are made and supplied.

Pitot Tube Model No. is PT-131 and thereafter no. in below table indicates length. For Example, PT-131-(12") means L Shape pitot tube with 12" i.e. 300 mm. nominal (insertion) length.

Standard process connection is 3/8" BSP (M), adjustable

Standard pressure connections are 1/4" BSP (M) at both ends

Any required adaptors on above 1/4" BSP (M) pressure connections can be supplied on request at extra cost.

For all practical purposes, K factor value is considered 1 for L shape pitot tubes.

For exact K factor value, tubes are required to be tested in low speed wind tunnel and using master manometers and other master instruments with becomes possible only at Indian Institute of Technology, Powai Mumbai - 400 076. However please note, charges at IIT for calibration i.e. Certifying K factor value are very high, + payable in advance while submitting tubes and time required for calibration is 3 to 4 weeks.

Required adaptors, Connecting tubing (PVC/Silicon/other) can be supplied with pitot tube at extra cost.

Model No. Insertion Length
PT-131-(8") 200 mm
PT-131-(12") 300 mm
PT-131-(20") 500 mm
PT-131-(30") 750 mm
PT-131-(40") 1000 mm
PT-131-(60") 1500 mm
PT-131-(80") 2000 mm
PT-131-(100") 2500 mm
PT-131-(120") 3000 mm
PT-131-(140") 3500 mm

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